The Goal

The “Bridging Our Communities” campaign objective is $2,000,000. We have also set up a donor program that offers various forms of recognition depending on the level of financial contribution. Besides contributions raised from community findraising initiatives and events, we will be soliciting support of friends, local merchants, regional and national companies, business people, provate foundations, families, and any person who would like to contribute to the project. For more information please contact us here


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Support local initiative to improve our community, including the CCCC, by purchasing tickets in the Friends of Hartland weekly 50/50 draw!

We appreciate all community support in the Central Carleton Community Complex Building Fund.  In effort to ensure that all parties are properly recognized for their fundraising efforts and that we are not duplicating donations from local businesses, we ask that any group or individual that is hosting an event that will contribute to the fund reach out to the committee by send an e-mail to ccccomplexinfo@gmail.com